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Ever wondered if you’re just like those truly hilarious people out there who can make a joke out of almost anything? Or if you’re just one of those who think that the Why-did-the-mushroom-go-to-the-party-joke is genius?

I sometimes wonder if my friends and family laugh at my jokes because they’re funny or just because they want to make me happy and maybe some of you feel the same way…

SO I decided to look up some of the do’s and don’ts of humour and found this blog post about it. Who knows it may be useful! 

Click on the source and read! Tell me what you think? Was this useful? Stupid? Whatever you think!

See ya soon!

(Source: Yahoo!)

Oh, The Game’s On Bitch!!

Hey there! It’s me again… Obviously! Today’s topic is games! Videogames and most important the most popular of them.

Why? Well, it’s pretty much because I had a fun time playing videogames with my brother today and I gotta say I KICKED HIS ASS!!

Most of you might already enjoy playing videogames as they’re a good way to relax and have fun. And for you who haven’t experienced the beauty of videogames yet; Shame on you!! (Just kidding! I love you guys no matter what!) But you should really try! There’s nothing more fun than beating someone and watch as they use the old “I let you win” excuse! It’s priceless!

So which videogame is your favorite? Tell me! I want to know!!

It’s pretty obvious that people enjoy games such as Call Of Duty (COD if you’re a experienced gamer *cough* *cough* aka Geek…), Halo and FIFA the most. But I gotta say they’re hell of fun too!

And please cut the old stereotype of “Girls don’t play videogames” out! We all know it’s bullshit! I’m a girl and I LOVE videogames! (But not so much that I spend my whole day infront of the controller!) Girls can play too! Why should guys enjoy violent games more than us? Doesn’t make sense in my world!

So grab a controller and your favorite game and start playing! Cause you know what? It’s on bitch!!

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